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I ain't emo! Just letting go of my thoughts.

My Little Corner of Random Rambling

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May 26, 2013.

Started this blog last January 2012. Originally, I was suppose to post my entries on my tumblr account, but I deleted it. I think livejournal is better and easier to use.

"Hello! This is my first time (I think…) creating a personal blog. All of a sudden, I just wanted to do this thing because I was having a hard time sleeping the day before SP concert. Random thoughts were coming in my head ._. wtf, I dunno why. I was in bed quite early (11:30pm if I remember it correctly), however I was still awake until around 2am. I wanted to release these thoughts through a blog and I also knew that I can’t write these on my CB planner because the writing space is not enough. I wanted to share these sentiment as well, because… uhhh I just have to do it ^^ So, TADA! I will try my best to write those thoughts here and other stuffs. :D" (Emopiplup, 2012)

This is the good way to let it all out - my thoughts, ideas, opinion, feelings, rants, and so much more. And also, a practice to improve my writing skills. It's not just about my personal life, it's more on my passion for Korean dramas, live concert experience, and anything random! Everything in this blog is merely my random thoughts, my interpretation, my interest and memory. While some may not agree with me, it's okay~ Everyone has their own opinions.

Okay, with that, happy reading! ^^

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